Posted online: February 18, 2005 3:21 PM
Print publication date: February 25, 2005

Son gives dad his support from a base in Afghanistan

Dear Citizens of East Moline from Afghanistan:

I'm writing in regards to the mayoral election. I am currently deployed in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, and have received my absentee ballot only a day ago, due to my present location. Therefore my ballot will not make the polls by election day.

I ask you to please get out and vote. My vote will be lingering somewhere in the world with Mayor Joe Moreno's circle proudly marked. Our mayor has proven that he can lead the city for another four years.

Having been in the service for the past eight years, I've served under many great leaders and have seen the good and the bad. I have yet to serve under one that is as passionate as Mayor Moreno. I admire his dedication to each citizen, and what he has done and will continue to do. His honorable service to our city and community speaks for itself. As his eldest son, I admire, Mayor Moreno as a leader, a husband, and a mostly a father. He defines the meaning of honorable service. I will strive to serve the U.S. Military as he has the city of East Moline I ask that you please make my vote count, even though it will not physically be there. I thank you dearly.

Anthony J. Moreno

Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan


Mayors make tough decisions, back Moreno for re-election.

An excellent forum was held at UTHS. One could tell why Mayor Joe Moreno is so well respected by the other community mayors and leaders, many of whom have publicly endorsed him. While John Thodos looks backward, Mayor Moreno has his sight on the future and what can and will be accomplished. Rather than look at the closings we had no control over, focus on the 30 new or expanded businesses and on those close to opening. Be straightforward and not rely on tired, overused political come-ons.

I'm still concerned about the fact that the mayor of East Moline is automatically the liquor commissioner. Thodos complains about the taxes yet was one who made the motions to proceed with financing both the garage and water improvements. I wonder, with the time Mr. Thodos has to be a full-time mayor, why he hasn't done any community activities. Where has he been? Election-time wonder? Developers don't work?

He likes to micro-manage. I question his confidentiality. Why couldn't he decide if he was or wasn't for home rule? Will we find out where he stands on issues after the election?

Mayors make tough decisions!

Ald. Carol L. Doose, East Moline