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Jewel osco development east moline

Economic Development Fact Sheet, 2000 - present:


Sherman Williams – City sold Lot 54 in EMIP created new jobs/property tax.
U.S. Cellular – new business - created new jobs/sales & property tax.
Dr. Lanciloti Family Health Clinic – building renovation – created new jobs.
Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard & Subway – new construction – created new jobs/sales & property tax. 
Anchor Lumber – City sold property in GRIP gained 2 new buildings – created new jobs/sales & property tax.
Quizno’s – constructed new building – created new jobs/sales & property tax.
Marty Coe & Associates – renovated vacant building – created new jobs.
Skating Rink USA – renovated vacant building – created new jobs/sales & property tax. 
Midwest Technologies – purchased vacant building in EMIP – retained jobs.


Sables – SOLD - new owner – will renovate building create new jobs/sales tax & new apartments.
Christina’s – SOLD - new owner renovating vacant building – will create new jobs/sales tax.
Old Palace Tavern – SOLD - new owner renovating vacant building – will create new jobs.
East Moline Mart – SOLD - renovated vacant convenience store building - created new jobs/sales tax. 
Generations Hair Salon – SOLD – renovated vacant palmer house florist building - created new jobs/sales tax.
Wessel building – SOLD – purchased by Curry Construction – renovation planned. 
Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard – renovation of ESI Git & Go site – created new jobs/sales & property tax.
Monarca grocery store/restaurant – leased downtown vacant building – gained new grocery store created new jobs/sales tax.
Best Choice Meat Market – renovated vacant building – created new jobs/sales tax.
Nancy’s Pizza – renovated vacant storefront – created new jobs/sales tax.
Ann’s Hallmark - renovated vacant storefront – created new jobs/sales tax.
Occasions by Design – renovated storefront – created new jobs/sales tax.
Liquor Box – renovated storefront – created new jobs/sales tax.
Coffee Hound – building renovation – new jobs created/sales tax. 
Miter Joint – renovated vacant building – created new jobs/sales tax.


Creative Machining Technologies – Modform & CMT merged saved Modform from moving – CMT moved to EMIP created new jobs.
East Moline Animal Hospital – constructed new building – created new jobs/sales & property tax.
Jewel/Osco – remained in E.M. – constructing new building - will create new jobs/sales & property tax.
Walgreens – E.M. constructing new 14, 000 s.f. building – will create new jobs/sales & property tax. 
Angelus Retirement Community – new construction – will create retirement homes/new jobs/property tax.
East Moline Glass – constructing new 22,500 s.f. building – proposed to hire additional employees/sales & property tax. 
MetroLINK bus transfer station – new 5500 s.f. building with high tech meeting – construction spring 2005.

Economic Development Summary

  • Completed the annexation of more than 300 acres of property extending the City boundary to the I-80/I88 interchange. 
  • Kennedy Square Jewel-Osco Shopping Center: This new 54,000 sq/ft grocery and drug store, new fuel station with car wash, and great out lots for future commercial developments is currently under construction and due to open in April, 2005. This is a major development for our local economy and a key commercial revenue source for our City.

    It is public knowledge and Municipal Records/Minutes/Dates show and document that THIS Mayor and administration did in fact intervene and save this entire project from moving to our neighboring community. Over a 3-year period negotiations took place with the City, the property owners, and the Jewel-Osco Company reaching an agreement that mutually benefits all especially the East Moline Citizenry. This was a development we could not have afforded to lose. Thank you TEAM E.M.!
  • East Moline Glass: This brand new facility is the newest addition to our G.R.I.P. (Great River Industrial Park). A 20,000 sq/ft building with alot of architectural design and glass (of course).
  • Woodside Road: This subdivision will be an upscale and exclusive neighborhood with 115 single-family homes built on large 1/2 acre wooded lots. The clearing and site preparation is currently under way. 
  • Quizno's Restaurant, Subway Restaurant, 2 New Mother Hubbard's Quick Marts, Occasions by Designs, Ann's Hallmark Store, La Monarcha Grocery Store, The Liquor Box, and Coe and Associates are just some of our newest and most recent additions. A new Walgreens Store is getting under way at the old Eagle Foods Store location. Grand Opening should be this summer.
  • New Maintenance Services Facility: A long overdue and much needed facility for our municipal employees. This houses many different divisions essential to public service (Garbage, Motor Pool, Water Distribution, Drainage, Sewer Collection, Park, and Street Depts). 
    It is a state-of-the-art facility that promotes a more efficient operation and upkeep of our equipment. It also includes a much-utilized Employee Fitness Room, which is equipped with new and used equipment that was purchased entirely be the City Unions and Employees, and East Moline Citizen's donations. No City Funds were used. Employees use it during their off hours and breaks.
  • MetroLink Transfer Station: A new $1 Million Dollar+ municipal bus transfer station due to be constructed in the G.R.I.P. this spring of 2005. It will include a community room for public meetings/etc, among many other amenities. 
  • East Park Place: A new 50+ home residential subdivision is being planned for construction this year 2005. Homes will be in the very affordable range of $150,000. 
  • The Quarter: Condo construction continues, public boat docks were recently installed; landscaping and the arterial recreational trail connecting our downtown and the riverfront were also completed. We remain positive and focused to land a 'destination' restaurant at The Quarter in 2005.
  • Angelus Retirement Village at North Hill: Construction of 84 new apartments with an underground parking facility is currently under way, and expected to be completed late this year. 
  • The McKinley School redevelopment project: This project has been approved and will be starting construction very soon. It will consist of 7 new single-family homes and 12-18 apartments.
  • The Welcome Center (at The Quarter): A $Million Dollar+ public facility paid for entirely by grant monies. Includes public rest rooms, a meeting room, elevator, observation deck located at the heart of The Quarter, on the recreational trail's edge, and beautifully overlooking the Mississippi River. A real jewel in East Moline's Crown.

"Joe Moreno has worked hard to make East Moline and the entire Quad Cities a better place. His initiatives and follow-through have proven him to be an effective leader."

~Chad Pregracke
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