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Taxes, Services and User Rates

Due to the State and Federally Unfunded Mandates, along with the closing of Case New Holland Plant, this City Council and Administration has been forced to make some very difficult and unpopular decisions regarding Water, Sewer, and Garbage rates. Times were tough when I took office in 2001 and the National, State, and Local Economies have continued to struggle throughout this period. 

Financially speaking, it has been very challenging times in East Moline. It's unfortunate that our State and Federal legislators will balance their budgets on the backs of residents in the local municipalities. 

Four years ago I vowed I could lead and make the tough and necessary decisions, I have done just that. Even during these financially difficult times we have: 

  1. Maintained all of our basic services. 
  2. Maintained an approximate 20% average of total property owner tax bill. 
  3. Achieved the City's highest ever Bond Rating to an 'A2' classification. 
  4. Received $ 3.4 million in various grants. 
  5. Made and continue to make/plan various infrastructure improvements in street/alley/water and sewer lines/sidewalks. 

"He's built strong relationships with our state legislators and senators, his commitment to our community is second to none."

~Rory Washburn
Tri-City Building Trades


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