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"I have had the opportunity to run 13 miles with Mayor Moreno recently and while running through the streets of Moline lost (haha) I noticed this great MAYOR was pushing me to train harder and stay right with him on a steady pace which to me symbolizes CONSISTENCY...a great quality of a LEADER/MAYOR. I also experienced desire (a quality that Joe has to be a great community leader) belief in myself (Joe kept telling me I could finish the mileage and to believe in myself) heart (the ultimate quality of a great LEADER) spirit (never down always bringing a laugh or smile to someone by helping them out genuinely...Joe is excellent at that) determination (NEVER give up until it is right attitude..very important) and a sense of worth all in one long run with MAYOR MORENO. Needless to say I am a East Moline resident and a former UTHS athlete and Mayor Moreno took time to recognize a day that honors the UTHS softball program as well as other athletic events. Mayor Moreno is an excellent runner in the community and does a great job combining communities with the Quad Cities Marathon. Mayor Moreno is an excellent, loyal, motivating individual not only as a training partner in the running community but as a person as well. Personally, Joe has always followed through on his word with me on issues, listened to me thoroughly, taken heat for me in situations and has always been available to talk to with an open heart, mind and arms. Joe is a great father, husband, and grandpa and he takes pride in dividing time between FAMILY/MAYOR/JOB/RUNNING. Joe, you have my best of luck, my VOTE for sure, and my positive energy. THANKS for not only being a great MAYOR but a person who believes in me....and my DREAMS!!!!!THAT to me is WORTH A MILLION DOLLARS!! GO GET EM'!!!"

Lauren Darren, Licensed Massage Therapist, East Moline

UAW Area CAP Council (Community Action Program)
Tri-City Buildings Trades (20 local unions)
Joe Vermier, Regional Superintendant of Education
Lisa Bierman, RI Co Circuit Clerk
Dick Leibovitz, RI Co Clerk
Jeff Terronez, RI Co States Atty
Louise Kerr, Treasurer
Mike Grchan, RI Co Sheriff
Pat Veronda, RI Co Recorder
Sharon Anderson, RI Co Coroner
Diana Robinson, RI Co Auditor
Congressman Lane Evans, Web: www.laneevans.com 
Senator Denny Jacobs 
Luis Puentes, 2nd Ward Alderman, East Moline 
Luis Moreno, 3rd Ward Alderman, East Moline
Carol Doose, 4th Ward Alderman, East Moline
Gary Kelley, 6th Ward Alderman, East Moline
Crotis Teague, 7th Ward Alderman, East Moline and Mayor Pro-Tem 
Jim Bohnsack, Rock Island County Chairman, and District 24 
Jim Sallows, Rock Island County, District 1 
Gary Freeman, Rock Island County, District 2 
Fred Schultz, Rock Island County, District 3 
Patrick Moreno, Rock Island County, District 4 
Donald Jacobs, Rock Island County, District 6 
Steve Meersman, Rock Island County, District 7 
Bill Armstrong, Rock Island County, District 8 
Steve Ballard, Rock Island County, District 10 
Connie Mohr-Wright, Rock Island County, District 11
Wanda Sweat, Rock Island County, District 12 
Harry Perez, Rock Island County, District 13 
Cathy Wonderlich, Rock Island County, District 14 
Ted Davies, Rock Island County, District 15 
John Brandmeyer, Rock Island County, District 16 
Karen Calvillo, Rock Island County, District 17 
John Malvik, Rock Island County, District 18 
Johnny Ellis, Rock Island County, District 19  
Craig Harmon, Rock Island County, District 21 
Tom Rockwell, Rock Island County, District 22 
Ken 'Moose' Maranda, Rock Island County, District 23 
Frank Fuhr, Rock Island County, District 25

"Joe Moreno has worked hard to make East Moline and the entire Quad Cities a better place. His initiatives and follow-through have proven him to be an effective leader. I wish Joe the best of luck in his bid for re-election."

Chad Pregracke, Living Lands and Waters

"It is truly an honor of ours to support Joe Moreno. Joe has represented the City of East Moline with dignity and professionalism. His Leadership as Mayor has allowed him to build the foundation for a growing and thriving East Moline.

To keep focused on what's important to the residents of East Moline even throughout tough economic times has always been Joe's number one priority. He's built strong relationships with our state legislators and senators, his commitment to our community is second to none.

Joe's experience as a councilman and Mayor have allowed him to fully understand the needs of its citizens and the needs of business owners who call East Moline home. Joe Moreno has earned another term as Mayor, We, also believe he symbolizes what makes East Moline and the entire Quad Cities a great place to live."

Rory Washburn, Tri-City Building Trades Council

While preparing for my Eagle Scout Ceremony, I sent letters to invite the President of the United States, Governor of Illinois, Queen Elizabeth and Mayor Joe Moreno. The Presidents office called to congratulate me, the Governor and Queen sent letters of congratulations and Mayor Moreno came to my ceremony on Big Island, Rock Island, IL to observe the ceremony and congratulate me in person.

Joel Siria and Mayor Joe Moreno

Prior to the exposure to city council, I had initially met Mayor Moreno upon receiving the Prudential Spirit of Community Award. Because of this acknowledgement the Mayor presented me with an honorary Joel Siria Day in East Moline in March 2002. After being acknowledge for my Eagle Scout rank Mayor Moreno bestowed upon me a 2nd honorary Joel Siria Day in September.

Mayor Moreno and I have had the opportunity to continue to be involved in community activities and politics. I feel it is a destiny in my future to continue to serve my community, country and my world. With mentors and leaders such as Mayor Moreno, I can only see this as an opportunity for all of us to serve by example.

Joel Siria, East Moline, IL.


Mayor Moreno
acknowledges Beatrice "Bea" Fritz
at a council 
meeting with a 
G.E.M. Award,
honoring her on
her 100th birthday.


Joe on the Issues:

:: economic development

:: community involvement

:: taxes, services and user rates

:: streets, alleys and infrastructure

:: service

:: vision

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