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A Proven Leader...

Joe at WOC with his hat on

January 20, 2005, East Moline, IL - Here's Mayor Moreno on the air at WOC Talk Radio with host Dan Kennedy. WOC had a different Mayor on every day for a week with a special edition called "Mayor's Week". Joe talked about issues, goals and challenges for the City of East Moline as well as answer questions from callers. He did get a lot of 'fun hostility' about his Boston Red Sox cap as Dan is a big Cardinals fan. Moreno stated he's a big fan of Boston (the City), (the Marathon) and (the people) more than the Red Sox team. Mayor Moreno was in Boston for the DNC last July.

Joe Goes Door-to-Door

Joe Moreno is going door to door

January 19, 2005, East Moline, IL - Mayor Joe Moreno is paying a visit to the residents of East Moline for the next month as he goes door-to-door, personally asking people to vote on Feb. 22.

Pancake Breakfast Success

Pancake breakfast photo

January 15, 2005, East Moline, IL - Hundreds of Moreno supporters came out on a cold Saturday morning to mark the occasion by filling up on pancakes and warm coffee! Photos >>

Mayor Moreno Nurtured by 40 Moms

Moms for Moreno luncheon Dec. 21. 2004

December 21, 2004, East Moline, IL - Joe Moreno "moms" turned out for a luncheon at Windmill Family Restaurant in East Moline. Story >>


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Joe on the Issues:

:: economic development

:: community involvement

:: taxes, services and user rates

:: streets, alleys and infrastructure

:: service

:: vision


"Joe's built strong relationships with our state legislators and senators, his commitment to our community is second to none."

~Rory Washburn
Tri-City Building Trades

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